The PreCure(Pretty Cure) 10th series "Doki Doki! PreCure"(Official WEB Site), the first episode was broadcasted on first week February in Japan. "Doki Doki" means an onomatopoeic expression that a heart is beating in Japanese.

Symbolically, a heat beating evokes an expectation to dramatic meeting with a new person, a new character, and sometimes a new fairy tale.

Not one person, but two persons. When the girl meets the girl is a beginning of the new fairy tale is very traditonal story form in the Precure series. Because "Doki Doki! PreCure" is the 10th series work, so this story form is mayby an hommage expression for the first series "Hutari wa Pretty Cure".

The expression that world is turning into pure white is used on the first scene Nagisa meets Honoka in the first series "Hutari wa Pretty Cure" and some respected PreCure Movie series "PreCure All Stars DX" too. So we can be expected when Aida Mana meets Kenzaki Makoto that the new sophisticated fairy tale begins on this 2013. You and I. Not to be isolated. Although Happiness, Dream, so on is important for life, but the beginning is to respect "Not" alone, which based on all PreCure series.

So, although this year's PreCure is the 4, but significantly focused on the two, Mana and Makoto.

I'm impressed from the first episode that Mana is a super excellent person, not only means she has a personal excellence but also means a relationship among the characters is so sophisticated. Destined one for her, Makoto, a long friendship one for her, Rikka, And the symbolical yellow one Alice is rarely be forcused on on the first episode!

It is good that the motif of respecting to the first series, "to link each hands" moves old PreCure series Fans. It is Mana and Maokoto that touch each other with hands in the pure white wolrd, Nagisa and Honoka also held each hands, that is a common memory of old PreCure fans, which is building a bridge for the next generation.

Totally I feel that it is the theme "to rebuild the link a person to a person", and if we try to do so, one way is to link and to tell a kind heart to other one. So to speak, Miyuki and Yayoi's theme in "Smile PreCure" is continuing. The scene the door is closed is impressing to us, mayby it is the metaphor of "divided"(The first monster canser with forceps is mayby a symbol of "divided"). And after the scene, as if she said that she would not like to cut the link between a mother and a child, and she begins to run to save the family bonds, which moves us vivdly. I colud not help saying that she is the hero truly.

She not only uses a smartphone but also link hands physically. Thesedays it is said that the development of the way of communication brings us an empty feeling paradoxically, so if we colud link a hands again, what shold we tell to others? this work says simply, "Love". This is the stellar image of hero on Japanese works. The brandnew PreCure series is beginning. I would like to enjoy it.

Happy Go Lucky!ドキドキ!プリキュア(DVD付)
Happy Go Lucky!ドキドキ!プリキュア(DVD付)

ドキドキ!プリキュア 300ラージピース はい、チーズ 300-L353
ドキドキ!プリキュア 300ラージピース はい、チーズ 300-L353